Kenco Rewards Club


You are longer able to enter codes, collect or redeem points. Instead, we want to do more for our Coffee vs Gangs project and you can find full details and regular updates here.


At Kenco we believe in doing our bit for a fairer world. Over the past two years our focus has been primarily on our project Coffee vs Gangs, helping young people in Honduras avoid the threat of gangs and training them as coffee farmers.

Many of you have already shown a lot of support for this initiative and have actively been contributing towards the scheme through the Kenco Rewards Club. We've been incredibly heartened and inspired by the donations and we now want to get behind the project even more. That's why we've taken the difficult decision to close the Kenco Rewards Club.

Working together with you, we can have a real impact on the lives of young people in Honduras, and in fact, you'll be continuing to support this work simply by buying the coffee you love.

We believe in doing our bit to make the world a fairer place, which is why we'll be focusing even more on our Coffee vs Gangs project now that the Kenco Rewards Club has closed. The project helps young people in Honduras create a brighter future. You may have donated points to this project already but, even if you haven't, just by buying Kenco coffee you're helping. Thanks!

The last day to enter codes was on 4th May 2016, but the Kenco Rewards Club closed on 1st June 2016. If you placed an order close to the end date, your reward might arrive a little after the Kenco Rewards Club closed ‐ but don't worry, you'll still receive it!

Your reward will be delivered as usual.

If you need any assistance, please contact our customer care team by calling 08081 008787 or via this form.

With the Kenco Rewards Club now closed, you will no longer be able to access your MyKenco account and your rewards points will not be redeemable.

All our customer data is kept on an anonymous secure database. We will only use this database to send you updates about upcoming Kenco news and activity. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

With every Kenco product you buy you'll still be supporting our Coffee vs Gangs project, which helps young people who are vulnerable to gangs and crime in Honduras. Although there won't be another rewards club, you'll still be able to stay up to date with everything Kenco via our regular newsletter, including all new product launches.

For young Hondurans, gangs are a constant threat. Joining one may seem like the only option for survival. At Kenco, we started the Coffee vs Gangs project to make a difference in the lives of young people.

We offered a group of young people a chance of a better life through training them to be independent coffee farmers with the skills to grow great quality beans. The first students have completed their year-long course. They're now building businesses of their own, backed by funding from Kenco.

In 2016, Kenco are doing the same for a whole new set of students. Once again, we're teaching them all they need to know to become skilled coffee farmers producing the finest beans.

You can learn more about the project at

The Kenco Rewards Club has now closed and you are not able to redeem your points. We are in the process of changing our packaging to remove the Kenco Rewards Club from the label but until this is complete, there will be some jars in circulation with the Kenco Rewards Club on them.